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Greg "Frenchie" Pamart is a 45 year old ex pro rider with over 35 years of racing experience. He still competes at the top A level on the East coast. Greg is one of the top Vet rider in the nation winning races like Daytona RCSX. 

Greg has been a certified Motocross instructor since the early 1990's.

 Graduated from the F.I.M. "Educator Sportif" program in France, Greg has also worked with some of the best MX trainers in the US.

 We are based in the North East from March to November and Central Florida from November to March.

GPMX  offers training off the bike with 'moto specific' work-outs and nutrition plans.  

 You can even join our race team support program and get deals through our sponsors!! 


Through private, semi-private, or group schools, technical and racing support, GPMX offers riders of all ages and skill levels the chance to become safer and faster!


                                            Email or call Frenchie :    484-524-5327











                                                                                             MX FOR LIFE


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